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Part of our tradition is creating products that last a long time and to make use of, recycle and be economical with our resources. However, our commitment for a better environment doesn’t stop there. With Swedish production and strict requirements, we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact. For today. For tomorrow. For the future.


Kabe Original is 100% recyclable. When your entrance mat has reached end of life, return it to us, where everything started. Where we make sure the mat has a new life. However, don’t count on this happening often, because our products last a long time. Care and tradition ahead of wear and discard!

This is how the Kabe Original entrance mat is recycled:

  1. The mat is sent back to us, at Kåbe-Mattan.

  2. We assess the mat’s condition. In many cases, the product can be repaired and used for several years more.

  3. The components are sorted and recycled. Aluminium and stainless steel are recycled by material recycling.
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A correctly designed entrance solution reduces the quantity of damp and dirt dragged in, simplifies cleaning, reduces wear and tear on the floor, prevents slipping and leads away static electricity. Moreover, you lower your cleaning and maintenance costs and minimise the use of chemicals. This results in many important benefits for the future. For people, the environment, the floors and the economy!


Swedish Quality

For us, quality and the environment are strongly interlinked.
For this reason, we continue to develop our products in Sweden.
The result is a unique quality that’s not only seen but also felt.

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We always work with nature in mind. Some of our entrance mats contain ECONYL®, a 100 percent recycled nylon fibre made from abandoned fishing nets and other industrial waste that would otherwise remain in the wild and harm animals and plants. Econyl® is one way to minimise existing waste, avoid production related contamination and save both the natural world and energy.


The Kabe Original entrance mat is a building product approved and environmentally approved by Byggvarubedömningen (Environmental Evaluation of Building Products). The Kabe Original is also registered in the BASTA system, which means that we can prove that registered building material meet agreed property criteria regarding properties hazardous to the environmental and health, see www.bastaonline.se.