About Kåbe-Mattan

Since 1944, function, design and quality have made Kåbe-Mattan the market leader in Sweden. We offer a complete range of entrance mats and scraper grids with accessories to suit all imaginable entrances. Over the years we have developed into experts in excellent entrance solutions and we still hold the same fundamental values regarding craftsmanship, quality and service. We know that no entrance is the same. For this reason, Kåbe-Mattan offers a complete range of entrance mats and accessories, so you can find a product that suits you. All of our mats have their distinct functions – but the same high Kabe quality. Our innovative Original entrance mat is the leading entrance mat on the market in Sweden, thanks to its smart design and high efficiency against dirt and water. In addition, the entrance mat is 100% recyclable and has a 10-year guarantee. Test us at Kåbe-Mattan and experience the difference yourself!

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How it started

1944 was the year when the first Kabe entrance mat was created. A porter at Enskilda Banken in Stockholm grew tired of constantly needing to sweep up all the dirt that was dragged in from the street. He had an idea. With the help of a few wood batons and rubber strip, he nailed together what later became known as the Kabe Original – a simple and very effective solution for all entrances. Even today, the factory and the head office remain in Fjugesta, but our entrance mats are found all around the world, from shopping centres and apartment blocks to arenas and museums. Today, Kåbe-Mattan has a presence in many countries and, since 2000, is a part of the Swedish, Småländska, Weland industrial group.

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Artisan tradition

In Fjugesta, on the outskirts of Örebro, Kåbe-Mattan has been creating entrance mats with function and quality since 1944. With more than 75 years in the industry, we have great experience of the different needs and wishes there are for an entrance. But, experience is not everything. Innovation is also an important aspect, and this, in particular, forms the foundation upon which we develop our products. A large part of our assortment is handmade. Our employees use traditional techniques that are passed down from generation to generation to give our entrance mats an absolutely unique character. We focus on developing smart products with ever better properties – everything with the aim of inspiring and guiding you to a cleaner indoor environment and creating furnishing solutions that make a difference – in reality.