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Casting Frame – ready to install

Kabe casting frames are manufactured from natural aluminium in a special alloy that is concrete-resistant. The casting frames are equipped as standard with turnable clasps, length 100 mm, which are riveted to the bottom flange. In this way, the clasps can be turned in the direction wanted in connection with embedding.

The casting frames are equipped, as needed, with braces with one of the flanges downwards for securing during transport and as counter-stay to prevent the frame from catching during embedding. For frames that have a large A dimension (width), where a double or multi-section mat is to be laid, the brace can also act as a dividing wall, intermediate brace, with one of the flanges up to prevent the mats from sliding into one another.

For large casting frames, it is necessary to split the frame up into several parts for transport and manageability. This is when the Kabe casting frame for assembly on site can be a good alternative. Irregular frames, as a rule, are always manufactured complete from the factory. Casting frames are also available in gold or black anodised design. Contact Kåbe-Mattan for more information.



Made to measure in any form/size whatsoever. Standard sizes 22RS and 25RS are available off the shelf.


Natural aluminium alloy EN W 6063-T6.


Natural aluminium alloy 6010 EN 1050 semi-hard.


Natural aluminium EC Grade (GA 5051)


Factory finished: Turn the clasps in the direction wanted before embedding. The top edge of the concrete must be level with the top edge of the frame. The floor of the recess must be level with the top edge of the bottom flange.

Ordering: When ordering, state ramp type and preferably external dimensions. If the dimensions refer to openings, mat or grating, this must be specifically stated. We also supply casting frames in hot-dip galvanised steel, acid resistant stainless steel and brass.

For complete information about installation, see PDF under Documentation.


Kabe kerb angle frames do not need any special care.


Here, you can be inspired by some of our satisfied customers and experience the casting frames in different surroundings.



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