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Guidance during the planning stage

Type of mat Location Field of- Cleaning frequency Constant effect
Outdoor Indoor application 1) High 2) Low 3) Yes 4) No 5)
Kabe Original X X 23 34   X X  
Kabe Eco   X 23 32   X X  
Kabe de Luxe X X 23 32 X   X  
Kabe Multiguard   X 23 34 X     X
Kabe Textile   X 23 32 X     X
Kabe Combi Textile   X 23 32 X     X
Kabe Combi Brush X X 23 33 X   X  
Kabe Coirmat   X 23 31 X     X
Coral Brush   X 23 33 X     X
Kabe Special Grids X   23 34   X X  

1) The products are suitable for the floor classes in SS-EN 685. For homes, there are classes 21-23, for offices, stores and schools etc., 31-34. The higher class in each application means greater resistance to wear and tear.
2) Dirt is visible quickly. Very frequent cleaning needed.
3) Conceals dirt well. Infrequent cleaning needed.
4) The wiping effect is equally high all of the time.
5) The wiping effect falls away as the mat becomes dirty or wet.


With the help of the new European standard SS-EN 685, the floors are classed into home environment, public environment and industrial in three groups with various wear classes. For home environments, the classes are 21-23, for public environments 31-34, and for industry 41-43. The higher the figure the harder the wear and tear. Examples of the types of premises in the Public Environment group are, according to the standard, 31 = hotel bedrooms, 32 = classrooms, 33 = department stores and 34 = airports.

Based on the standard, all semi-hard floor materials, such as plastic, linoleum, rubber etc. will in future be classed by their manufacturer based on how much wear and tear they withstand.

For this reason, to make the choice of entrance mats easier we have tested and ranked our products in the same way and based on the same system, see table above. This makes it simple to choose the right entrance mat for each wear environment. If a floor in wear level 32 is required, the entrance mat shall also meet class 32 or higher – it is, of course, always permitted to use a better product than functionally necessary.

Do you have any questions or thoughts? You are welcome to contact us. The SS-EN 685 standard can be ordered in its entirety from SIS by phone, +46 (0) 585-255 50.