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Combi Mats

Combine more! Combi mats from Kåbe-Mattan can both scrape off coarse dirt and dry up water. Choose from many versions, to find an entrance mat that suits your specific environment. Do you need help finding the right entrance solution? Contact us and we will help you!


The Kabe Combi is a high-heel friendly, hardwearing combination mat, which can be rolled up, with black, grey or red brushes. The Combi entrance mat is an excellent alternative to the Kabe Original for environments heavily trafficked, for example, by shopping trolleys.


The Kabe Combi 12/18 is a high-heel friendly mat, that can be rolled up, with black, grey or brown brush strip inserts, and is a lower version of the Kabe Combi with the height 12 or 18 mm.