Stylish and functional entrance solutions since 1944

Our entrance mats are welcoming, effective and minimise dirt and damp from being dragged in, which reduces your maintenance costs, so your visitors experience a clean and pleasant environment – every day.

Mattor vid entré

Walk away the dirt


With the Kabe system, you leave no trace behind you. By fitting your entrance according to our three-step system – Scraper grid zone, Original zone and Textile zone – you simply walk away the dirt. The result? A cleaner indoor environment and easier cleaning. Better for you and the environment at the same time.

Kåbe originalmatta

Kabe Original


In Zone 2, a durable entrance mat is placed recessed in the floor, which both scrapes and wipes. Kabe Original – a Swedish original since 1944 – has a unique design with classic wavy rubber strips and aluminium frame that efficiently wipes off dirt and damp from the soles of shoes, when the rubber bends and springs back as you walk across the mat. Simple and efficient – without any need to wipe your feet!

Kåbe skrapgaller

Kabe Scraper Grids


The first step in an entrance solution is the scrape zone. Here you need a robust scraper mat or scraper grid that is placed outside the front door and collects coarse dirt such as gravel, clay and snow. The unique pattern of the scraper grid cleans in all directions and the open construction effectively takes care of the coarser particles that fall through the grid.

Kåbe textilmatta

Kabe Textile Mats


The final step is the wipe zone – Zone 3. Here, the textile mat makes its entrance, and efficiently absorbs the last of the water from under the soles of the shoes and removes the fine dirt. The mat has been developed to self-dry quickly and keep fresh for a long time.

Hallbarhet unsplash 1


Part of our tradition is creating products that last a long time and to make use of, recycle and be economical with our resources. However, our commitment for a better environment doesn’t stop there. With Swedish production and strict requirements, Kåbe-Mattan is constantly looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact. For today. For tomorrow. For the future.